Wildlife Habitat Services

Wildlife Habitat Services

One thing that we offer is what we call Wildlife Habitat Services. These are aimed at the average to above average landowner that wants to figure out how to change the habitat for wildlife on their property. Habitat is one of the biggest factors as to what drives animals success in an area. Habitat can also be the reason that you get to have that special bird species come in or what can allow that big buck to hang out on your property rather than your neighbors. What we do for Wildlife Habitat Services is we come out and walk around your property to assess what you have, and we ask about what species you want to attract more of. Then we will offer suggestions that would narrow down what you as the landowner really want to have done on your property about it. The best part is if that you’re trying to attract a certain species and we don’t know how or what is needed we will research it and get a plan put together for you.

Large Game Species

Game species in general are the easiest to change your property for, everybody knows how to attract deer and turkey but not everyone knows how to build a property that holds them. This comes down to the finer details of a property that can be easily overlooked. What is most common for us to find is that there is little to no quality ground cover that can allow these animals to bed in, travel through, and feel safe from danger. For deer and turkey, we like to have an aerial mosaic pattern of different natural growth that your property can sustain. Have you ever been walking through the woods and found a small 50-yard by 50-yard patch of grassy brush? It seems like every animal that comes through the property walks through or beds in it. This is especially true when there is no ground cover for quite a way. That patch of cover is ideal for a deer, it can bed there and feel fully secure in knowing that it can jump up in a moment’s notice and go in whatever direction it wants. So, if this is something that we always notice animals gravitating to let’s recreate it on your property. The next biggest thing there is to notice is a lack of cover for an animal on its way to your food source. Or maybe you have cover but it’s too effective and you can’t see through it to get a clean shot. These are all big things to take notice of and things that we can help with in doing our Wildlife Habitat Services.

Small Wildlife

Small Wildlife really reacts well to having an opening made it the timber. The grass and bushes that come up give great food and cover for them to eat and makes it cool to watch animals like rabbits, squirrels, and birds react. It is also rather amazing to see how a bird species will stick to a certain specific micro ecosystem in the woods, which makes it rather easy to attract more birds of that species because you just have to copy more of that habitat.

How To

On a very basic scale the entire reason that we offer the Wildlife Habitat Services is because as we view different properties, we can get a really good idea of the different types of cover and food that is needed by different animals for them to thrive in an area. We know that many landowners want to have better habitat for animals for different reasons and so we are offering our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work based off of the many properties that we walk, and we see if we can implement those things on your property. If you’re a DIY kind of person then look at your property and figure out habitat style the animals of your choice are using and what habitat you could easily change to get it to become the better suited habitat.

Easiest To Do

If you like to watch small animals such as birds or rabbits, then a super easy and effective thing that you can do is to build a brush pile. It does not have to be large, but a mere small pile of brush will attract a lot of attention and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the local small wildlife. The 2 main things when building a wildlife brush pile is that you must leave some space in between the sticks at the bottom of the pile and there need to be some branches that are large enough to support a few birds sticking out of the top. This is something that can be created out of most any woody debris that you have on the property. We like to mix our other chainsaw and skid loader services into our Wildlife Habitat Services as well because if we are already doing a separate project, it is very simple for us to make a few wildlife brush piles while we are there.

Overall Goal

Our overall goal while we are at your property is to maximize its usefulness to you as the landowner. Whether that is taking out a fence line of trees or building your hunting paradise our company is set up to make your property better through cleaning up junk trees and creating useful desirable forest and we do this in every way we can while we are there. This is why we give this discount for first time clients of ours. Just to show you that we are serious about our work and to prove how much we can do in a day our first day of labor is 50% off! We want you to feel comfortable with knowing that we stand behind our work and the expertise behind it. If you would like to get on our schedule to see what our Wildlife Habitat Services have to offer please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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