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At Compass Forestry we have the top of the line equipment available. Our main heavy equipment work is completed with a Bobcat T770, which has the capability to move up to 10,000 lbs at a time. Which is equivalent to many many trees all in one bucket load. Match that with a Heavy Duty grapple bucket and there is an ability to move a lot of trees or brush in a single day’s work. Let us do the hard work for you. Whether we are cutting paths through your woods, building burn piles to get rid of large piles of debris, or hauling out old junk, this skid loader can handle it all. Because we value your land and want to keep it clean, our skid loader has the widest tracks possible for this model, which makes a world of a difference. The wide tracks not only eliminates the ruts from regular tires, it also doesn’t leave a long lasting footprint because it distributes the weight. This is especially important with projects that are in very wet soils, or nearby to marshes. With minimal turf or crop damage, you can breathe easy when it comes to your project. For any of your projects that need skid loader services, feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do for you!


Grapple Bucket

Most of the time, as mentioned in Skid Loader Services, we use the heavy duty grapple bucket attachment on the front of our skid loader. With custom modifications, this attachment is able to withstand the countless hours of operating and the shear stress that is placed on the bucket. Our experience has cut out the work for you, figuring out which piece of equipment will hold up to our standards to complete whatever goals you need for your property. Now we have no issues breaking branches up to 8 inches in diameter at ground level, snapping a 5 inch limb in half and pulling 4-8 inch trees right out of the ground, depending on soil types and species. With equipment like this, it is hard to beat. The grapple bucket also has a rake-like leading edge that allows us to smooth out and clean up the job site very well, leaving it looking as good or better than when we started. This is extremely helpful as we are picking up logs and sticks, to also sift through the topsoil to smooth out ruts or level loose gravel. While we are at your property there is a variety of non-forestry services that we may be able to help you with.


Forestry Mulcher

The other attachment that we use is a forestry mulcher. This forestry mulcher is a 60 inch disc style mulcher and is very efficient at taking smaller trees and instantly chipping them up. In less than 10 seconds it is capable of mulching a tree that is 8-10 inches in diameter and 30-40 feet tall into nothing but a pile of shredded sticks. It’s raw power rips through the hardest wood species, with room to spare. This is the go to piece of equipment when clearing a lot, removing high quantities of medium sized trees, or cleaning a forest floor. While this machine is extremely effective at what it does, it is necessary to operate at least 100 yards away from people, buildings, and vehicles, as it tends to throw debris. There is a skill to operating a forestry mulcher and only a trained professional should operate it. There are ways to mitigate the distance and direction it throws pieces of wood, if it is needed to be done closer to a structure or place of concern, but that can be discussed upon visiting the work site. All in all, the efficiency of work and the cleanliness of a forest definitely benefits from using a mulching attachment. Consider using our skid loader services if you need a forestry mulcher at your property to turn your junk trees into quickly degradable mulch in a very short amount of time. 

Specialty Service Attachments

We have access to many other types of specialty attachments for the skid loader as well. With a Mowing Head we are able to mow large scale areas, whether that is to make a clearing, mow paths, cut out brush, or clear fence row there are many reasons for using a brush hog mower. A mower is also a good choice of equipment for recreational goals such as creating a deer food plot, shooting lanes, paths to walk in your woods, or to have a fresh re-growth of prairie grass each year. A tree spade is also an available attachment for moving trees. Tree spades are specifically designed to dig out a living tree to transplant it in a different location, without harming much of the roots. Give us a call to ask about your specialty Skid Loader Services.

Besides forestry, if there is another project you would like completed, we may be able to use our equipment to help. There are many attachments available that are not directly forestry related that we are able to rent for additional projects. While for most projects we recommend a professional contractor, there are some things that just need a “while you’re here, can you…” Our skid loader services are very versatile and we are always willing to help as much as we can. We are able to use our equipment for non-forestry related projects such as: spreading gravel, grading a horse arena, spreading sand, leveling some dirt, moving heavy objects like rocks, pounding in a few posts, auger work, or stump grinding. There are also trenchers and rotary tillers for use in our Skid Loader Services.


General Project Types

Some of the general project types that we most commonly do for our Skid Loader Services are a general woods clean out and building wood piles. These wood piles can be burnt or left for wildlife to enjoy as new ground level cover for them to hide in. These wood piles attract songbirds and other small wildlife like rabbits and chipmunks. As far as a woods clean out goes, we usually cut down the junk trees that are either unwanted or invasive species, or the trees that are of poor structure and quality. This gives room to the trees that are desired to be growing there and makes the woods look nicer in general. All in all we hope that you consider using our skid loader services the next time that you need a project done.

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