Chainsaw Services

Chainsaw Services

Compass Forestry offers a wide range of chainsaw services. We can do everything from cutting down saplings to dropping large dangerous trees. Most of our chainsaw services revolve around timber projects and removing large amounts of unwanted species or culling out poorly formed trees. I cut down several tens of thousands of trees a year and have the skill set that is needed to complete your project.


Timber Stand Improvement

Most of the time when we come in to complete a timber stand improvement (TSI) we are looking to remove a lot of trees that are not bettering the property for the goals that are wanting to be achieved. Time after time we come in because a landowner needed our chainsaw services and start by removing only undesirable species of trees. Then we take out 50 to several hundred trees per acre and it opens up the space for the correct trees to grow again. It transforms the forest literally over the course of a day or two. These weed trees just manage to work their way into the forest over time and just like a garden that you have to pull weeds in, your forest requires the weed trees to be removed to be productive. 



One way to effectively, slowly, allow your forest to become accustomed to the significant loss of trees is to do what is called girdling. Girdling is where you cut 1-2 inches deep all the way around the tree so that it severs its outer layers that transport nutrients up along its trunk while still allowing the tree to stand up right. There are 2 main variations of this. The first one is to apply chemical into the single girdle. This works well as long as you’re not trying to remove the same species trees as the keep trees, because the chemical can travel through root grafts and kill the prize tree that you were trying to save. If you are trying to take down similar species then the best bet is a double girdle which has to be more then 6 inches apart. The double girdle is more effective because there is less likely to be a spot that did not completely sever which allows the tree to jump the gap and survive. The only problem that can be a rather large issue with girdling is that after a few years there is now a bunch of standing dead trees that are rotting and falling wherever they go. This is however a good way of storing up firewood that is easy to harvest and dries as it is waiting to be cut for burning. The main things to consider while girdling is the size of the tree needs to be larger than 10 inches and no girdling should be done within the trees height of a trail or road.


Effective Basic Chainsaw Felling Tips

I have three main types of cuts that I do when I am cutting down a tree and offering our chainsaw services to a landowner. Now these will vary by the surroundings and how exact the tree needs to fall, if the tree will be sold or if it will be burnt, and how heavy it is leaning off of the center. The first and easiest is for the easiest type of tree to cut down specifically when the tree is leaning the direction I want it to go and I don’t care about what happens to the wood. In this case I lightly tap the underside of the log to go through the bark, then I line up on the top side and go through. This is one of my most common cuts when dealing with small trees that don’t need to worry about what happens. The most common cut I do is a directional cut, first cut out the watermelon slice, bore cut through the main trunk and dress up the hinge. Once the hinge is dressed up cut straight out the back side. Just before coming out you can put in a wedge to keep the tree from sitting down on the saw. Upon exiting the back the tree is free to tip over. The biggest advantage to bore cutting through a tree is that you have the ability to set the hinge correctly without the tree trying to go anywhere. If you cut in from the back your trying to get the hinge to the correct size and shape as the tree is falling. But when a tree is falling you are supposed to be getting out of the way to reduce the odds of getting injured. The final cut I do and this one is for when I need assistance from my skid loader to push it the correct direction. I follow the same directions as previously however I stop before exiting the back of the tree. I usually try to give it a minimum of 2 inches of holding wood which I call the backstrap. I take the saw raise or lower it 6-8 inches from the previous cut and make sure to bypass the backstrap while cutting in from the back side. Now the tree is being held in place by a couple inches of side grain which is much easier to break. The tree now only needs a mild push from a piece of equipment or a pull from a rope to break that back strap allowing you to apply pressure on the tree and control which direction it goes.


So whether you need one tree taken down or an entire forest cleaned up we are definitely your go to business for chainsaw services. While your on our website feel free to check out the Skid Loader Services page also because that machine allows us to complete most any task needed for your forest.


No Brainer

Just to make sure that you know how much we believe in our work, we are willing to give half off on all labor done on the first day for first time clients which includes our chainsaw services! We want to make sure that you can see how well we do our job and are satisfied with what we can do for you!

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