Who we are

Compass Forestry

We are a forest service specializing in both consulting and contract work. We are not a tree service that only removes trees from yards and cities, but rather a company who can help you develop, manage, and achieve your goals for your property. We focus on general woods clean-up, timber Stand Improvement (TSI), forestry mulching, logging contracts, invasive species removal, tree planting, and much more.
Trees are the only infrastructure elements that increase in value over time, which is why our goal is to leave a lasting investment for present and future generations and we treat each property like it was our own.


Eddie Reichenbacher, owner

Honest, Loyal. Passionate. Combine these traits with thousands of hours of experience in the conservation industry and you’ll see why Eddie is the leader of Compass Forestry. Eddie grew up on a multi-generational farm in Iowa, farming more than 1,200+ acres. Being raised with the values and work ethic first ignited his passion for the outdoors and conservation. After growing up in and seeing his great-grandfather’s hand-planted forest become overgrown, and choked out by invasive species, he knew something had to be done. That’s when the real passion of forestry management took hold. Eddie holds a bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Animal Ecology from Iowa State University. After countless hours of experience, cutting down thousands of trees, and practicing healthy conservation, it was finally time to officially launch Compass Forestry in 2019. It started in his hometown state of Iowa, but has since expanded to Ohio, where his wife Lydia grew up. It is estimated that 80% of forests in Ohio do not have a forester. He began hearing shocking stories of Ohio landowners being cheated and losing their property by loggers and a lack of forestry consultants. Eddie knew something had to be done, and wanted to be a part of the change to make a difference. At a young age, Eddie learned the value of leaving a legacy for others. That’s why at Compass Forestry, we are “Helping You Grow a Legacy.”

Compass Forestry officially started full-time in 2019, but it all began many years prior to that. An appreciation of the outdoors and natural resources has been a part of Eddie’s life since he was a little boy. His entire family has been rooted in agriculture, as farmers in Iowa. Growing up, one of his great-grandparent’s farms held a variety of trees, planted by his Great-Grandfather Glen himself, in hopes of leaving a legacy for generations to come. As years went by, the forest became overgrown, crowded, and invasive species overtook the forest ground. The land lacked one crucial thing: a forester. That’s when the young boy’s desire to fill this need sprouted into a deep passion. Eleven years and countless hours of hands-on experience later, Eddie earned a degree in Forest Management with an emphasis on Animal Ecology from Iowa State University.

At Compass Forestry, we understand the value of a legacy.

We know that a forest is as unique as the aspirations that you are wanting to reach with it and so we understand that each project is not just a cut and dry process, but rather one that is delicate and complex. What we do depends mostly on what the landowner wants for their property; since we hold such a variety of services. With superior knowledge in consulting and the equipment to conduct most all contract work, no job seems too big or too small.


Our service area has expanded!

Compass Forestry is based out of Wayne county, Ohio. We service Northeast and Central Ohio. Our main counties include: Medina, Wayne,Summit, Ashland, Holmes, Richland, Cuyahoga, Portage, Crawford, Morrow, Knox, and Coshocton county. We service cities such as: Medina, Chippewa Lake, Windfall, Litchfield, Valley City, Brunswick, Richfield, Montrose, Ghent, Fairlawn, Gradton, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Akron, Norton, Barberton, Wadsworth, Seville, Creston, Burbank, Lodi, Spencer, Homerville, Sullivan, Nova, Cinnamon Lake, Polk, Burbank, Westfield Center, Rittman, Doylestown, Smithville, Lattasburg, West Salem, Wooster, Orrville, Ashland, Apple Creek, Kidron, Dalton, Jeromesville, Haysville, Mohicanville, Mohican, Mansfield, Holmesville, and Shreve.


Why do we do what we do

Our company exists to provide the highest dedication of conservation and growth to your land. Quality, honesty, and diligent work is what we strive for. There is a huge amount of fraud in the conservation industry, especially through logging contracts and clearcuts. Let our experience cover you and keep your property’s health and your goals the highest priority. At Compass Forestry, we do not cut corners or leave a job half completed. We will go the extra mile to invest the proper consideration and care to your forest. We also leave an even greater legacy through our partnership with Fight For the Forgotten. Fight For the Forgotten is a non-profit mission organization dedicated to fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. Justin Wren’s Fight For the Forgotten exists to empower the most bullied people in the world, from those affected by the water crisis, to the youth in our own neighborhoods and schools. Together we can knock out bullying nationally in our schools and internationally in the Ituri rainforest of the Congo. Justin is making a direct impact, which is why Eddie decided to donate a portion of our profits directly to Fight For the Forgotten.
For more information, check out https://fightfortheforgotten.org/

What we can do for you

Since our services have expanded to better meet the goals of our clients, here is a list of some things we are able to do. If you still have a question or do not see your needed service within this page, please reach out and ask! We still may be able to help.
-Tree Inventory
-Invasives inventory
-Forest health
-Management Plans
-Diagnose Tree Diseases
-Planting trees
-Cutting down one tree or thousands
-Grove Cleanup
-Invasive Species Removal
-Understory Brush Clearing
-Trail Clearing
-Fence Clearing
-Property Boundary
-Right Of Way clearing
-Logging Contracts (large and small scale)
-Tree Harvests
-Clear Cut
-Lot Clearing
-Chainsaw work
-Tree Mulching
-Stump Removal
-Tree Removal (approved trees only)
-Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)
-Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP)


No Brainer

Just to prove that we stand behind our work, the first day that we are working on your property is half off of all labor that we do that day for first time clients.

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