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  • Compass Forestry Icon Zack K“I had some big dead oak trees I needed to take down but I didn’t want to do it by myself. I didn’t want to risk getting hurt or ruining the logs. So, I had Eddie come out and we took out the trees together. He did a good job at cutting them, the trees fell where they needed to, we got the lumber harvested, nothing was damaged and it was all good!”
    Zach K.



We are a local forestry company whose main goal is to improve your timber to the quality you desire. Our motto is “Helping you grow a legacy” and that is ultimately our goal because when you take care of your property by hiring us, it’s not only for you but the generations to come. We are based in NorthEast Ohio and would love to help with your property management. No matter what your property looks like now, it is never too late to get it cleaned up and ready to change it into the timber that you are wanting to have.



We are skilled in everything from writing management plans to fulfilling them using the latest knowledge of forestry practices and equipment. We can assist in any forestry project you may need accomplished. Some of the types of projects include but are not limited to, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), forestry mulching, logging contracts, general woods clean-up, invasive species removal, and much more. When we do these services we always put our best knowledge and experience to the test and develop the safest and most cost efficient solution. We know that a forest is as unique as the objectives that you are wanting to reach with it and so we understand that a project isn’t just a cut and dry process, rather one that is delicate and requires much observational skill to determine how to accomplish the goal. With this understanding we want to make sure that you the landowner can also comprehend the management plan and follow the objectives required to reach that goal. If there is something that isn’t understood feel free to come out and ask about what we are doing, we are very excited to share our forestry knowledge with you.



As the saying goes the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, and if you missed that deadline then the next best option is today. Forestry is all about what you want the future of your forest to look like. In the current world we live in there are much different environmental stressors that cause forest to change then there were 200 years ago. These differing environmental stressors are now steering your forest to a different design, most of which can be rather displeasing. Now invasive species and introduced insects and diseases are causing the forest to change. So if we are wanting to keep the same environmental surroundings that we have, we have to introduce mechanical and/or chemical methods of control to get the desired natural look of the forest as we know it.



Whether we are working in a large tract of virgin timber that has never seen the effect of a logging crew or working in your backyard on a small section that just needs a little work, we can cover almost any project out there. We have completed multi acre state jobs all the way down to cutting two small trees out of a 30’x30’ lot in town. We even do yard trees in certain circumstances, especially when it just needs to be cut down and hauled away. It doesn’t matter what the job is we will come take a look and offer the best pricing we can. Feel free to check out some of our videos that show examples of what we do.



The main reason we do the work that we do is because we want to make our forest a better place for generations to come. Forestry is a long term process and you have to think of both what you want the forest to look like now, in five years, in twenty years, and in seventy years. This is the mindset it takes to produce a successful forest. This is especially true when looking to produce lumber or successful wildlife habitat on your property. By cutting down certain species or creating gaps in the canopy or planting certain trees you cause the forest to react to this disturbance which causes new growth. For instance if better wildlife habitat is desired then having a more open tree canopy allowing grasses and shrubs to grow in the understory will give new cover and food sources to wildlife. However if you as the landowner are looking to achieve high quality straight logs for lumber products, then producing a higher density forest will force the trees to grow taller and straighter in the younger years of the trees. However in the later years of the tree it needs to be thinned out to allow room for only the best trees to grow and come to full maturity for the maximum dollar value out of the log. Then when there are a mix of goals you can design a mosaic pattern using the best land for the best purposes creating the property design that is desired by the landowner.


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